Air Cargo

A Door-to-Door Service on KLL Global Network

We have been trying to satisfy customers’ needs in export/import services to/from overseas with performance and experience through 40year company history. To cope with various requirements of our customers we have continually improved and established global seamless services including door to door service, combined cargo transportation service through air, sea, and land, logistic information service in a real-time basis and distribution service with a logistics center. It is therefore our commitment to deliver your invaluable shipments from one corner to another across the world together with reliability and to be your global partner with supply chain solutions.

Air Cargo Export Service

“Entrance to the World” Proposing strategic logistics services

Precision Machinery

we have a wide and long years of experience in transporting precision machineries, semiconductor manufacturing machineries and semiconductor inspection machineries. “K” Line logistics dedicated staff make survey of exterior condition of the package as well as condition of shock watches having being installed in the package at each salient point from shipper’s door to the delivery place to make sure safe and proper carriage.

Aircraft on Ground

We handle import of aircraft, helicopter related parts (including large sized parts). Moreover, we provide with stock control service including receiving and dispatching work at the warehouse from aircraft makers overseas. We do arrange different kinds of services like customs clearance on Saturday and Sunday applying for the customs office’s special attendance at Narita International Airport, Kansai International Airport or Centrair, Central Japan International Airport, especially for the urgent cargo (Aircraft On Ground cargo).


Rely on “K” Line Logistics also for books and CD. At our company, we have established the real time inventory warehouse management system by positive development of computer system. Shipments of such market sensitive goods, therefore, can be arranged in a superb timing depending on changing market situation. Moreover, we can also provide tailor-made IT system for each customer.


We also handle event or function related goods/materials quite frequently the in and out movement of event/function related setting for drama, opera, musical, concert, exhibition and so on which are performed or held in the different countries of the world. Similar to the above mentioned precision machinery, various sophisticated and fragile goods/materials are included but these goods are also treated carefully and delivered safely to the destination thanks to personalized service of “K” Line Logistics.

Air Cargo Import Service

“From overseas to Japan” Proposing efficient logistics solution with Global Network

With the overseas network, “K” Line Logistics provides you with regular consolidation service from different parts of the world. As for handling general air cargo including cargo collection and packing at the origin place, we deliver your goods safely and precisely. Especially we have vast and long-standing experience in handling import of aircraft parts from the United States and Europe and also storing, picking and delivery service of these goods at the origin countries.

We also handle other goods like sundries, clothing, books, cosmetics and chemical, aircraft parts. Pharmaceutical products. Cosmetic. Golf club equipment. Books. Music software. All kinds of entertainment software.


In the actual medical treatment sites in Japan, medicines imported from all over the world are being used. It is not too much to say that most of the medical supplies are imported from overseas and supplies of raw material of medicines are dependent on import. “K” Line Logistics has professional staff that can help you to apply for import license and other necessary documents from the Ministry of Welfare and Labor. Moreover, if you have any unclear points or queries about the importing method or regulations of cosmetics, please call us without any hesitation.


“K” Line Logistics full-time staff will always be at your service to help you arrange promptly the complicated procedures and workflow necessary for shipments of perishable goods. If you have any enquiry or you want to discuss about the export of perishables, please don’t hesitate to contact our full-time staff.


Semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Ultraprecise equipment such as semiconductor material testing equipment. Optical disk / Magnetic tape. Various industrial goods such as semimanufacture of electric appliance. Car-related goods. Show-related goods. Fresh fish. Fresh vegetable. Fresh fruit.